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Family Law Advocates, P.A. Effectively and Efficiently Protecting Your Future

Going through a divorce or child custody case isn’t easy. The emotional toll can weigh heavily on any spouse or parent. Unlike other areas of the law, most family law cases are not about righting past wrongs, but rather protecting the future. At the Family Law Advocates, P.A., our only goal is to help our clients secure their financial futures and the well being of their children. We do this by serving as your advocates and guides throughout the legal process. We believe that some of the emotional weight you may be feeling can be lifted when you know you have the right attorney on your side. As such, our attorneys work hard to treat each client with the dignity and respect they deserve, at all phases of their case. We recognize what a fair divorce outcome is and will work hard to get you just that.

The founding Partners at the Family Law Advocates have decades of experience helping men and women navigate family law cases. Our core belief is that each client needs honest advice regarding their personal situation. This allows them to make well-informed and strategic decisions regarding how their cases will be handled. We also believe that litigating family law cases can be done efficiently and effectively. We strive to be cost-effective and efficient with everything we do and we sincerely hope that each case resolves quickly, via settlement. One of our other core goals is the building of trust. We want our clients to feel confident in their attorney and the services we are providing. At the Family Law Advocates, we strive for excellence with every case we handled. It’s what we believe our clients deserve.

The attorneys at the Family Law Advocates have years of experience representing men and women in divorce, custody, and child support cases. Should you decide to entrust us with your legal needs, rest assured that it’s quite probable your situation is one we’ve seen before. Our Tampa family lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and interests throughout your case, from start to finish.

Who We are and What We Do
  • Family law professionals solely dedicated to divorce and child custody cases
  • Providing experienced representation both in court and when negotiating settlement
  • Offering competitive retainer and hourly rates
  • Employing strategic planning centered around your specific needs and objective
  • Giving honest and thorough advice regarding your situation and what we can do to help
  • Working to build lasting relationships with our clients and to be there for them should future problems arise

Every family law case has the potential to go down two paths, resolution through settlement or resolution through a court hearing. Our attorneys actively promote settlement, so long as the terms are fair. Unfortunately, not all cases end with a meeting-of-the minds. When this happens, your case will head to a hearing, at which a judge will make the final decisions regarding the disposition of your property or the time you get with your children. Being a skilled trial attorney is just part of the job and a skill required of each of our attorneys. Appropriate outcomes in the courtroom require thorough preparation and a keen understanding of what it takes to effectively present your evidence to the court. Regardless of which route your case may follow, we’re equipped to advocate for your objectives and to fight for your future.

Our Legal Team is on Your Side

If you are going through a divorce or child custody case, you have many tough and important decisions ahead of you. One of those is choosing the right family law firm. The Family Law Advocates are honored and privileged to help people in your situation. We pride ourselves on knowing the law and also knowing what matters to our clients. You only get one chance in a divorce, and getting it right matters. When you find yourself in need of an experienced Tampa area family law attorney, call us at (813) 592-5000, or contact us online to schedule your initial appointment. Our legal team is ready to help with all of your family law needs. Let us help you move on to the next chapter of your life.

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Client Reviews
"Courtney Caddeo Morris was a godsend throughout my divorce. I’m so lucky I was able to be connected to her to help me through such a difficult and stressful process. She was thorough and professional and also caring. I cannot recommend her enough." S.M.
"I was fortunate to have met Courtney Caddeo when I was in need of help. The help I was given was greatly appreciated & to find the unexpected support for my well being was amazing. I was happy w the results & would turn to her again if ever needed. The best." M.G.
"Courtney Caddeo is the best listener, and treated me like family. She was supportive during a most difficult process." J.W.