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In any child custody case, whether a paternity case or a divorce with children, Florida statute requires a parenting plan. If the parents are unable to agree on a parenting plan on their own, the judge presiding over the case will enter orders regarding all aspects of a parenting plan. The domestic relations attorneys at the Family Law Advocates, P.A., have years of experience helping clients develop their parenting plans. This includes not only working hard to help clients settle their child custody cases, but also litigating in court to protect their rights in pursuit of the outcomes they deserve. The key to a good, working parenting plan is making sure that the specific terms regarding time-sharing, parental responsibilities, and child support orders are in the child’s best interest, clear, and detailed. We believe detailed and child-centered parenting plans can help prevent future litigations down the road.

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Do I Need to Hire an Attorney to Create My Parenting Plan?

While it is possible to file for a parenting plan without hiring a family law attorney, having an advocate on your side can make the difference in obtaining a good outcome in your child custody case. Florida statute requires very specific terms in any parenting plan, including a specific time-sharing (visitation) schedule, detailing when the child will be with each parenting. This can, and should, include details regarding holidays and transportation. Statute also requires the parenting plan to lay out specific terms regarding which parent will make major decisions for the child, including medical, educational, and general welfare. Decision-making can be joint, sole, or a hybrid. Your parenting plan will also need to contain terms tied into child support, including terms related to out-of-pocket medical expenses, school costs, or tax considerations.

Once your final parenting plan is adopted by the court, it remains in place, unless modified. Florida statute allows for modifications of a parenting plan if there has been a substantial change in circumstances, not anticipated at the time the previous schedule was adopted by the court.

The attorneys at the Family Law Advocates are ready to help you deal with all aspects of your parenting plan. Our only goal is to effectively and efficiently help you obtain the best outcome possible regarding your children.

Hire the Right Parenting Plan and Time-Sharing Family Law Firm

When it comes time to hire a family law attorney, you have many choices. But with so much on the line, it’s imperative that you retain the right family law firm to protect your time with the children.

The attorneys at the Family Law Advocates have years of experience representing and counseling clients just like you. We have seen almost every type of parenting plan, time-sharing and family law case, and we know what needs to be done to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

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